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Here are the commonly ask questions I get E-Mails on:

- Where can you get the after market Faceplate.?

I live in a small town in New Brunswick Canada. I got mine at Wackey Weakleys car and audio shop. I paid $90.00 Cdn. Other places to get it are:

- "Hello, i have a 98 Zx2 and I'am hoping that you can help me out. I need to replace the factory speaker wires to get rid of alt whine and spikes. I checked and cant find the wires coming from the HU, looks like none of them go straight to the rear speakers. I have the premium stereo package with the 6 pack in the trunk. Is there a preamp? Let me know if you know anything."

Jarett Answered:
On The premium stereo there is an 80 Watt amp under the drives seat. All the wires from the stereo will go to there and then out to the speakers.

- I'm not sure does anyone have the premium sound package that has been moded. Let me know.

"Do you have short throw shifters for sale that fit the zx2? If so, I was wondering what brand it is such as B&M or Pacesetter. Finally I was wanting to know how much this item costs and how much the shipping and handling charges are. Thanks for your time. Jeremy "

- There are all kinds of brands:

- Where shound I start to Mod my car for performance?

There are cheap ways and more costly ways.
1) Start with removing the lower resonater. Air increase for more power.
2) Replace factory air filter for a K&N. More air in going in but in slowing down because of factory filter.
3) Change spark plugs for better fire rate. You want to get the most out every spark. If it is premature you waste power and fuel. What doesn't burn goes out exhaust.
---- These can be done in an afternoon with great results! ------

4) Replace exhaust system.
5) Replace air intake system.
6) NOS. voids warrenty but gives plenty of power! Becareful for auto transmissions. I hear NOS like to rip them apart. The gearing compared to a manual trany is different.
7) If you have a speed govener (170km/hr) remove it!

Any other ideas from others please email me with details.

- Where can I get a spoiler for my ZX2?Try here:

<Parts Page>

- Do you have a drive belt route diagram.

Yes I do. I will post it soon.

- How do I get the door interior off to get at the speakers?

The jacket is held in by 4 or 5 screws. After you take them out you have to left up the jacket to pop it out of the window ledge.