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April 4, 2002
What a crappy day. I was pulled over for speeding today. 161KM/H. The cop was pissed at me for being 51km/h over the limit. Well; there goes $150 bucks. Watch out!

Marrch 18, 2002
New pics from Jason

March 1, 2002
New pics Marco Sylvestre Focus
New Pics from  James Freitag

ZX2 News:
Chinese version for ZX2 Ford site.
Automobile Mag Review 1999
Wadsworth Ford Article and Add. Has specs for 2001 ZX2

Parts Page
Bullfrog Gude Peformance - Project ZX2 & ZX3 cars with parts for sale.  It has strictly Zetec Engine parts for
Adjustable Cam Gears ,Crank Pulley Kits ,Zetec Cams ,Oversize Valves ,Rods and Pistons ,Billet Cranks ,Head and Main Studs ,Headers ,Exhaust Systems

Check out this Ford Focus SVT

February 26, 2002
I have  added ZX3s to my page. Mods and pics for the ZX3 are needed.
Here is the first. Ryan's Focus before and after accident.

For those looking for an aftermarket faceplate:
$59.95 and $20 off if you buy a receiver. - It says:
"Important Note: When installing an aftermarket radio, you will need to run the provided antenna extension cable and speaker extension harness from the Ford rear tuner/amp unit to your new receiver."

Not so for the ZX2. But you should buy the adapter instead of cutting factory wires to connect to the new receiver.

February 24/2002
I havn't seen or heard from any ZX3 owners out there. Drop me a line.
Check out this ZX3 from Sony Xplod:

New Parts Page. It has about everything:

February 21, 2002
Gina Marie Estremo Pics                 Homepage
Darrell Holloway Pics             Homepage
Alfonso Peterson Check out this body kit. Sweet!

Keep the pictures coming!!!

February 19, 2002
New phots from Danny Leberge in Quebec. Check out his engine.

Some web sites to check out:

Here is the info and pics of the New 2002 ZX2.

I watched Fast and the Furious last night and I thought it was pretty good. I know alot of you guys don't like forien cars but if you saw the movie email with your comments on the movie. I'd like to know.

I found a picture of Bill Nagy's trunk.

Check out this place for ZX2 parts!Canadian Website, USA/CDN prices

February 18, 2002
Are you thinking of putting in a Turbo will go here and read this, very interesting.

Here is a good page for parts :
Add Me!

It has air intake systems, coils, wires, pulleys ect....

For those looking for clean headlamps try here. This is a great idea. I'm going to give it a try:

Here is a site that gives stock performance Stats for pretty much any car.

February 14, 2002
Happy Valentine's Day.
Patrick emailed the name of the mystery car owner. It's Bill Nagy. If you have any links to car shows with his car in it let me know.
More new photos

Looking for body Kits---Try this page!

The following people are sending virus to me watchout.

From : Hahaha <>
Subject : Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!
Attachment : joke.exe (30k)

From : Jorge Oscar Schmidt" <>
Subject : Re:
Date : Wed, 30 Jan 2002 15:52:06 -0300
Attachment : news_doc.DOC.scr (38k), text5.txt (0b)

January 27, 2002
More new photos.
I'd like to find out who's car this is. Very sweet ride. Anybody know?
John's 250 Ninja  

January 23, 2002
New Photos. Check out Gabriels Engine. Nice, Clean and MODED.

I added a F.A.Q page.
I added a Parts link page.

January 18, 2002
Happy New Year!!!!!
I have not done too much to my car lately but hope to soon. I have been getting alot of emails and questions so I will be starting a F.A.Q page. I also got some new pics from a guy named Jonathan with some deadly bodywork. Come and see.

Sept 11,2001
My heartfuled sorry goes to the families and those affected by the trageties. God Bless.

Sept 11, 2001
Before I had the ZX2 Escort I had several motorcycles including this 94' CBR 600 F2.
Each link will direct you to the approtiate page where you will find pictures,links and modifications for your ford ZX2 escort. I made mods to my bikes but there are no step by steps for them, sorry. It's been 4 years since I had the bike. The Escort page has Car modifications like Trunk release, grill install, repairs, Sony Stereo install, and more. As I make updates they will be listed below and links to take you there directly.
If you get a chance drop me a line and any pics you have of your car or bike.





August 22, 2001:
Changed Spark plugs. Big difference.

July 17,2001:
Added Valve cover air breather. Painted drums and calipers. Replaced bake pads and shoes.

June 22, 2001:
Added new Links. This weekend I hope to make a few mods. I'll let you know how the go on Monday. Paint, Lights etc.

June 3, 2001:
I have the pics up of deck, tweeters, rear panel speakers.

June 2, 2001:
Well I decided to get the Sony Explod Deck. I installed it today and installed 4 more speakers. The pics will be up tomorrow.

I found a link to my old web site that has pics of my last bike, 94' CBR 600F2. It has been 4 years since I had it and I miss driving a bike. Maybe someday soon I'll get another.
.(no longer available)

May 30, 2001:
Here is a nice pic e-mailed to me today for those who think a factory ZX2 can't make the 200km speed mark. As the picture shows it has reached 180km and still room to move if it was not for the speed governor. The note attached assured me it was on a closed highway with Police permission and that it was a factory unmodified engine. I hope to see more of this guys pics.  *
May 27, 2001:
Today I installed the power trunk button in the glove compartment. It went pretty easy. I seen the mod on another page but the picture was different then my wiring. It must have been a different year? Anyway it was a cheep mod, $5 bucks,cdn, and I can open the trunk now with the car on or off, my remote is deactivated when in the ignition. Check it out.

I also installed a mesh grill in the front lower and 2 upper air intakes. It cost about $15 bucks,cdn, and 2 hours labour. I'm very happy with the results. Check it out.

Both mods will be posted as soon as I fix the upload software from my camera.

I noticed the questbook is not working properly. I'll have it fixed soon so please leave me a message, link or mod I can try. I'm in the process of making my own air intake design. It will be a simple change over so that I can use the factory design in the winter in harsh conditions.

May 25,2001 :
Yesterday I removed #2 resonator. This is a cost free way to improve the performance. It is not my mod but I like it. I don't know how much power increase it gives but it did remove any hesitation during acceleration. It is a little louder but it sounds good so it's worth it. Check it out.

May 25, 2001
I now have the funds to get a new deck. The two I'm looking at is the Sony cdx750 or the Clarion DX515. I'll post the pics next week..

May 24, 2001
I had the winter tires taken off and the summer on. Prediators. Not too bad.This is the second season for them. They're not a smooth ride. Next Friday I'll have the new ones put on and an the alignment done.

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